A multi-step process involving research, conceptualization, requirements and rendered Models.


Simulating environments that your product may be exposed to allows for prediction of expected performance.


The prototype gives your team a tangible and functional model of the product under development.


Choosing the right manufacturing and logistics process is critical to ensuring long-term profitability.

PennyWise Manufacturing is a multi-discipline engineering company with experience in high volume production and logistics.

Our primary goal is to simplify your product development process. We create solutions to help quickly and cost-effectively bring your concept to market.

Engineering Services

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop and supporting the complete process from concept to production. >more

We offer a complete professional patent search on your concept, with a comprehensive report >more

Our Mechanical Engineers have a highly diversified portfolio from consumer products to high precision automation >more

We support all types of electrical engineering and design from cabling to circuit design >more

Experience with precision imaging and focusing systems >more

Experience from low-level embedded programming to high enterprise-level application development >more

Our Company Focus

  • Consumer Products
  • Mechanism Design and Automation
  • Sporting Goods
  • Outdoor Tools
  • Electronic Enclosures

  • Software Control
  • Military Equipment
  • Dental Device
  • Medical Device
  • Baby Products

  • Appliance Design
  • Automotive Components
  • Motorcycle Components
  • Bicycle Design
  • Manufacturing & Production


Some of our customers we have supported and continue to support with new and existing products

Overseas Production & Manufacturing

See how our experince and relationships over seas can boost your production volume and profits

Packaging & Logistics

We have extensive experience in shipping product all over the world effectively and efficiently


creating a superior, cost-effective product

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