Product Engineering and Design
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Product Manufacturing Services

PennyWise Manufacturing offers a full spectrum of solutions to help convert your ideas from concepts to production-ready designs. Whether you have an unproven idea, or an existing product that requires analysis or modifications, we can provide support in all aspects of engineering including mechanical, electrical, software and optical design. We specialize in finding fast-paced solutions to a variety of complex and demanding problems at a significantly lower cost than our competition.
A diagram of our product manufacturing services

If you have an immediate or future need for engineering support, we can assist your team throughout its next development process. Our previous experience spans a variety of industries including:

Opto-Mechanical Packaging and Lens Design

Automation and Robotics

Vacuum Systems and Component Design

Aerospace Electronics and Optical Components

Consumer product design

Gas and fluid delivery system

Fiber Optic Component Packaging and Communication Systems

System and Component FEA involving Structural, Vibration, Thermal and CFD Analysis

Prototype Design, Manufacturing and Testing

Tell us about your engineering requirements