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Patent Search

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PennyWise Manufacturing can provide a comprehensive search of existing and pending patents that may relate to your invention.

What Type of searches are offered?

PennyWise Manufacturing can complete 2 types of patent searches:

Design Patent

The design patent protects an article’s design, or its unique external appearance.

Utility Patent

The utility patent covers an article’s function, and may also specify a certain subject matter such as optics or automation.

*Note: This search will be conducted only in the U.S. and is not a worldwide search.

Why do a patent search?

A patent search will help to establish how unique your idea is and how it compares to other similar products that already exist. If you plan on applying for a patent on your invention, it is critical that you do a complete and thorough search in order to prevent lost time and expenses. A good search will also show you where a product stands in the marketplace and what your competition may be. This can provide very useful market research, and help you make the decision to proceed, change, or possibly discontinue a project.

How long will it take and what will it cost?

  • Searches take approximately 7-10 business days.
  • The cost for either a Design or Utility patent search is $450

Things to know

80% of searches result in similar products or ideas being found. It is common for inventors to assume they have an original idea because they haven’t seen it before. However, in many cases a patent may still exist for ideas that never went to market. As a result of the search, you can make an informed decision about the viability of a patent application for your invention. In some cases, a product can have both a Design and a Utility patent if you choose to file for both. PennyWise Manufacturing can also provide guidance on completing a patent, and what next steps need to be taken.

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