Product Manufacturing Services | PennyWise Manufacturing
If your company is looking to improve its current products or develop new ones, try the product manufacturing services offered by PennyWise Manufacturing.
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Product Engineering and Design

If your company is looking to improve its current products or develop new ones, then you could benefit from the product manufacturing services offered by PennyWise Manufacturing. Our team is here to help your concept become a reality with our product engineering and design services. Our engineers are experienced and ready to offer support through any phase of your planned project.

Our Product Manufacturing Services

We’re here to provide product engineering and design solutions and support for your business. We specialize in high-volume manufacturing overseas with an engineering focus on machine design, injection molding, electronic controllers, and automation and tooling. If you have an idea or a concept for your next product, we will work with you to make it production-ready.

Our specialty lies in providing our customers with fast-paced solutions no matter the complexity or demanding logistics of their projects. We also aim to provide our services at a significantly lower price than that of our competitors. With us, you get high-quality engineering services at a price you can appreciate.

Our engineers will work with you and your team throughout the entire product manufacturing process, from the design stage through product analysis to the initial prototype and through product completion. Together we’ll be able to pinpoint what works, find areas that can be optimized, and help you expedite the development and manufacturing process.

Our Industries Served

The PennyWise Manufacturing engineers have worked with a variety of industries, giving us a strong background and industry expertise. Just a few of the industries we’ve been proud to support include:

  • Aerospace electronics and optical components
  • Automation and robotics
  • Consumer product design
  • Fiber optic component packaging and communication systems
  • Gas and fluid delivery system
  • Opto-mechanical packaging and lens design
  • Prototype design, manufacturing, and testing
  • System and component FEA involving structuring, thermal, vibration, and CFD analysis

If your business is looking for product manufacturing services you can rely on that focus on quality, precision, cost, and quantity, contact PennyWise Manufacturing today.

A diagram of our product manufacturing services

If you have an immediate or future need for engineering support, we can assist your team throughout its next development process. Our previous experience spans a variety of industries including:

Opto-Mechanical Packaging and Lens Design

Automation and Robotics

Vacuum Systems and Component Design

Aerospace Electronics and Optical Components

Consumer product design

Gas and fluid delivery system

Fiber Optic Component Packaging and Communication Systems

System and Component FEA involving Structural, Vibration, Thermal and CFD Analysis

Prototype Design, Manufacturing and Testing

Tell us about your engineering requirements