Optical Design - PennyWise
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Optical Design

Our optical design team has experience in all facets of design and optimization. We can create a start-to-finish solution, or analyze existing systems to ensure they meet your performance requirements. We have established relationships with leading optics vendors and manufacturers to ensure the quality of every component we design.

Our optical design and testing capabilities include:

Custom lens design and optical components

System-level analysis, ray-tracing, aberrations, MTF, and stray light modeling

Machine vision, illumination, digital imaging, and automated measurement

Single-mode and multimode fiber optic components and communication systems

Free-space and fiber optic lasers

High-power laser optics and vacuum compatible components

Custom optical coatings, filters, beam splitters, prisms, and mirrors

Microscopy and fluorescence imaging

Optical metrology, surface profiling, wavefront, and spectral measurements

Design, Analysis, and optimization using Zemax, OSLO, FRED

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